Green Coffee – Mexico – Seleccion la Concordia

A well rounded easy-going coffee which appeals to all tastes. When enjoyed with milk you’ll get huge hits of chocolate and subtle notes of peanut butter. When prepared black expect a much brighter cup with bright tones of citrus fruits and moreish nutty aromas.

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Notes of: Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Lemon curd.

The Coffee

We think this coffee shines best with milk – producing a creamy chocolatey coffee which we could drink all day. But what’s so wonderful about it is its versatility – and when prepared black you will get an entirely different flavour profile, with tart acidity and warm nutty tones.

The Region

La Concordia is one of the finest coffee growing regions in Mexico – owing much of this to its reliable climate, high altitudes and fertile soils.

Conservation plays a huge part in production – with large cat species such as jaguar and birds such as quetzal among others coinhabiting coffee growing regions, and creating a top priority responsibility to enhance sustainable coexistence between coffee production activities and conservation of this amazing environment.

The Roast

If we’re being honest – roasting this coffee was initially a huge challenge to us – we knew that it had so much to offer, however kept falling short in our expectations when cupping.

Be careful not to prolong your roast for too long with this bean – or the results may be a little flat.

Instead, aim for a relatively fast roast with high heat application at the start, and a 1st crack at around the 8 minute mark.

We develop our coffee to around 17%, however have a play round with finish times to see what different flavours this bean can produce.