Green Coffee – Colombian – Yacuanquer

A well rounded easy-going coffee which appeals to all tastes. When enjoyed with milk you’ll get huge hits of chocolate and subtle notes of peanut butter. When prepared black expect a much brighter cup with bright tones of citrus fruits and moreish nutty aromas.

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Notes of: Green Apple and Caramel

The Coffee

This wonderful example of a washed Colombian coffee comes from multiple Small Holder Farms in the Yacuanquer region of Narino – SW Colombia. Roasted for filter you can expect buckets of red fruits with a sweet caramel undertone. When prepared for espresso – red fruits give way to stone fruits and treacle with a slightly heavier body.

The Region

Climbing up through the winding mountain roads towards Yacuanquer municipality, you pass pockets of rainforest dotted with small potato farms, eucalyptus groves and charming villages. On some days you’ll find yourself above the cloud line – looking out at a patchwork of coffee farms across the sweeping hills and valleys below. Sitting at approximately 2,670masl you finally reach where the coffee for this blend is grown.

The high humidity, cool breezes and fertile soil make this region perfect for growing high quality speciality coffee.

The Roast

When roasted for single-origin, we make sure we get the balance absolutely perfect between maintaining some of the origin’s unique flavours, and roasting long enough to provide sweetness and depth. For us that’s around a City+ roast (or a medium in Layman’s terms). This brings out increasingly bright sweet notes of apple and cherry which are unmistakably Colombian!

We do however also roast this coffee a little darker – when roasting for our local cafes or as part of our Carnival Espresso blend.

Extending our roast time by about 1 minute – and developing the beans to a slightly darker Full City roast – mutes some of the brighter acidity, whilst further accentuating the sweetness and body by caramelising the natural sugars of the coffee. Perfect for espresso!