Coffee & chocolate – 6 of the best pairings for an Easter treat

With Easter rapidly approaching, we’re forgoing the traditional chocolate egg feast for something a little more refined (and undoubtedly less calorific too). Chocolate and coffee have long been one of nature’s sweetest partnerships.

Both coffee and cocoa beans share a number of surprisingly healthy similarities including; beneficial vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. But don’t be mistaken, by choosing quality over quantity this Easter, you’re still guaranteed a truly indulgent treat.

Picture the perfect Easter Sunday. Filled with family and friends, Easter egg hunts, a home cooked roast dinner, followed by the rich, intoxicating aroma of a Kogarashi Coffee blend and a selection of speciality chocolates, for all to enjoy.

Or perhaps you’re planning a more laid-back kind of Easter Sunday? A lazy morning with the papers, sport on TV or the best-seller you got for Christmas, still waiting to be devoured. A pot of Kogarashi Coffee and a bar of Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut could be an ideal accompaniment.

The general rule of thumb is to go for a dark chocolate with around 70% cocoa solids. Many have said that strong, flavoured chocolate, such as ginger, clashes with coffee, yet our taste-testers are big fans of both chilli and vanilla with Kogarashi Kokwet Peaberry.

A final top tip for choosing a winning combination, is to look out for dominant flavourings or notes in the coffee blend. Use these details to match up with a chocolate, for example; fruity notes in the coffee choice should naturally pair well with a fruit-infused chocolate. This also works for nut, floral and spiced coffees.

If that all sounds like too much hard work, we’ve taste tested a wide range of high end and supermarket bought chocolates and carefully selected 6 of the best pairings. Scroll down for some delicious inspiration and follow the links to get your Kogarashi Coffee delivered in time for Easter Sunday.

6 of the best Kogarashi Coffee and Chocolate pairings to enjoy this Easter.

Kokwet Peaberry – Kenya

Aldi Moser Roth Madagascan Vanilla chocolate.
The luxurious creamy vanilla taste of this award winning chocolate couples perfectly with the sweet/sour apple acidity of our Kenyan coffee – particularly when prepared as pour over. A winning combination.

South Devon Chilli Farm – Sea salt chilli chocolate
A match made in heaven – the savoury-sweet nature of this chocolate bar alongside the intriguing chilli spice does amazing things to how you perceive taste. Take a sip of our Kenyan coffee before and after this chocolate and you will notice even more sweetness in your cup – a true delight.

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Brazil Portal da Serra

Scharffen Berger – Extra rich milk chocolate
Our Brazilian single origin coffee just screams milk chocolate – and accompanying it with what we believe is some of the best milk chocolate you can buy only makes it better. Try melting a square into your cafetière.

Cadbury Fruit & nut
A classic – the rich sweetness brought by the fruit and the savoury toasted nuts pair wonderfully with our Brazilian coffee. Proving that not all chocolate and coffee pairings have to be high-end and complex, this combination offers a rich flavour for a budget price.

Carnival Blend

Kohler – Bold dark 78%
This chocolate regularly comes out top of rating polls and surveys, and it's little wonder why. Its intense bittersweet flavour pairs beautifully with our bold carnival blend coffee. A real treat.

Montezuma’s – Splotch
A tasty offering by subscription service ‘Montezuma’ – this bar combines artisan milk chocolate and smooth butterscotch. What’s not to like? The intense salty sweetness compliments our bold carnival blend to the last bite. Why stop at Easter? Sign up and pair your flavours of the month.

However you enjoy your Kogarashi Coffee, we wish you a very happy and restful Easter. We want to hear which chocolate brands you’re enjoying with Kogarashi Coffee. Get in touch here with your favourites and we’ll share them on our socials.