Coffee: on nature’s terms.

Here at Kogarashi we believe that life should be spent in harmony with nature, and coffee is no exception. We frequently change our coffees throughout the year to ensure the absolute best of what’s in season around the world. We strive to reduce the coffee industry’s impact on our planet by lowering our non-recyclable waste, roasting our beans using an electric roaster, and actively promoting sustainable coffee farming among our suppliers.

Speciality coffee from special farmers.

We endeavour to source only the best and most unique coffees from around the world; to do this we need to work with the best farmers! We pay well above Fairtrade prices for all our coffee, working closely with our suppliers to ensure growers get all the support they need to develop their facilities and produce the best coffee possible.

Grow. Roast. Brew.

We’ve done our part, now it’s down to you to get the most from these amazing coffees! We know how hard it is to get the best out of a speciality coffee – a small tweak can make a great coffee taste bland. That’s why all of our coffees come with detailed brew instructions, with further help to be found on our website.